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The New 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe

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BMW is proud to introduce the next generation of its compact rear-wheel drive-based sports coupes, the 2022 BMW 230i and BMW M240i xDrive Coupes. Striking, extroverted styling, more powerful engines, improved chassis and dynamics, greater interior room and the latest in infotainment and connectivity are just some of the improvements that await the new BMW 2 Series Coupe driver. The new 2 Series Coupe is focused on delivering maximum driving enjoyment, with every component having been optimized for this purpose. 

More than 55 years ago, the first BMW 1600 arrived with compact dimensions, a sophisticated chassis and a powerful engine. When the 2002 designation was attached to the 2-door body, a legendary automobile was born. One that provided an unequaled driving experience through a carefully balanced combination of engine, chassis, braking and driver-focused cockpit. In 1973, the 170 hp BMW 2002 Turbo was the first series production European car to feature turbocharging. 2008 saw the arrival of a new sporty rear-wheel drive 1 Series Coupe and 2014 was the market launch of the new 1st Generation 2 Series Coupe.

Exterior Design

The 2nd Generation BMW 230i Coupe is 4.3-inches longer, 2.6-inches wider, 1.0-inch lower and has a 2.0-inch longer wheelbase than the 1st Generation 230i Coupe. The new BMW M240i xDrive model is 3.5-inches longer, 2.6-inches wider, 0.1-inch lower and has a 2.0-inch longer wheelbase than the M240i xDrive Coupe it replaces.

The new performance-oriented BMW kidney grille features vertically arranged air flaps instead of the classic bars. These operate electrically and can open in ten stages to provide increased cooling air when required by the engine. The BMW kidney grille is surrounded by a single-piece frame in a chrome finish on the BMW 230i Coupe and in cerium grey on the BMW M240i xDrive Coupe. A high-gloss black finish is available with the Shadowline Package. The horizontal cooling air flaps in the hexagonal lower area of the front bumper are also adjusted according to need and help to cool the brakes as well. Air curtains are integrated into the triangular inserts at the outer edges of the front bumper. These guide the oncoming air over the wheels to further reduce turbulence.

The strikingly contoured headlights – inspired by the legendary BMW 2002 models – each have a single individual circular full-LED headlight. The daytime running lights take the form of U-shaped light guides, with integrated turn signals, at the lower edge of the headlights. Adaptive LED Headlights are optional with the Premium Package. As well as responding to steering angle, their cornering light function can also “look ahead” – using data from the navigation system data – in order to illuminate the road as effectively as possible. The Adaptive LED Headlights can be identified by gold colored accent trim and light guides for the daytime driving light and turn indicators. And the Adaptive LED Headlights are also available with darkened inlays as part of the Shadowline Package.

Styling components of the optional M Sport Package, available for the BMW 230i Coupe, includes the aggressively-styled front bumper with larger side air intakes, M high-gloss Shadowline exterior trim and side skirts plus high-gloss black window trim and the lower section of the rear bumper with integral diffuser in Dark Shadow metallic.

M Sport Package Pro, which is part of the optional Shadowline Package features

M Sport brakes, 19-inch M light-alloy wheels, extended M high-gloss Shadowline exterior trim, darkened M Shadowline headlights, a black front spoiler lip, a black M rear spoiler, black exhaust tips, black kidney grille surround and a Sprint function.

New 2022 BMW

Power and Performance

The new 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe delivers more power and torque, an eight-speed sport automatic transmission with launch control, rear wheel drive or rear-biased xDrive all-wheel drive and a completely revised chassis for exceptional performance and a driving experience unequaled in the compact sports coupe segment.

The BMW 230i Coupe’s revised 2.0-liter 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbo engine produces 255 hp @ 5,000 – 6,500 rpm and 295 lb-ft. of torque @ 1,550 – 4,400 rpm. An increase of 7 hp and 37 lb-ft of torque over the previous model. The rear-wheel drive 230i Coupe accelerates from 0 – 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of either 130 mph or 155 mph, depending on the specification selected.

Developed using the motorsports expertise of BMW M GmbH, the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbo engine powering the BMW M240i xDrive Coupe features a closed-deck aluminum block and an alloy cylinder head. Internal engine efficiency is increased by weight-optimized pistons and connecting rods and a forged steel crankshaft. A twin-scroll turbocharger with indirect charge air cooling integrated into the intake system, High Precision direct fuel injection, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing for the intake and exhaust sides make up the notable powertrain technologies. The cooling system ensures ideal operating temperatures – both in everyday and during dynamic driving. A split-cooling valve makes it possible to temporarily shut off engine block cooling, thereby optimizing warm-up. The standard M Sport exhaust system provides an emotionally stirring soundtrack.

The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbo engine found under the hood of the BMW 230i Coupe also features a twin-scroll turbocharger, aluminum block and alloy cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold, High Precision direct fuel injection and a split-cooling system for the engine block.

An eight-speed Sport Steptronic transmission is standard in all new BMW 2 Series Coupe models. The latest version of the automatic transmission features sharper shift characteristics, improved efficiency, remarkably fast gear changes, very smooth operation and launch control. To optimize the shift strategy for performance driving and efficiency, the transmission’s control unit is able to use route topography data and the traffic situation supplied by the navigation system and driver assistance systems. This allows it to avoid unnecessary gear changes through a quick succession of corners and to shift down early when approaching an intersection or a vehicle ahead in order to utilize engine braking.


From day one, the development process for the new BMW 2 Series Coupe was focused on leading the way in the premium compact segment in terms of dynamic performance. Compact dimensions, intelligent lightweight design for the body and chassis, near perfect 50:50 weight distribution and optimized aerodynamics create a vehicle with a true excellent sporting pedigree. The agility, steering precision and cornering dynamics of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe are significantly improved over the predecessor model. Wider tracks, carefully adjusted wheel camber values and an up to 12 percent increase in static torsional rigidity for the body all play a role. While the new BMW 2 Series Coupe exceeds its predecessor in terms of performance, the comfort levels it offers in everyday use remain at the same high level.

two-joint spring strut front suspension and a five-link rear suspension both contribute to precisely controllable handling in dynamic driving situations and for a high level of long-distance driving comfort. The rigidity of the components used in the two-joint spring-strut front suspension brings even more precise wheel control to the new BMW 2 Series Coupe. The new BMW M240i xDrive Coupe has additional struts supporting the front axle hubs on the side sills. 

he lift-related shock absorber technology provides extra damping to control body movement when driving over large bumps and inhibits excessive dive. The system reacts to minor imperfections in the road surface with low damping forces that produce high levels of comfort. The extra damping meanwhile contributes to excellent behavior in corners.

At the front suspension, an additional element that drops down into the inner sleeve of the shock absorber cancels out body vibrations. The lift-related control at the rear suspension employs an additional piston and a tapered inner tube to ensure optimum hydraulic damping, even when carrying a heavy load. Lift-related damping is an active element of the suspension set-up and can be tuned specifically to optimize the balance between sport and comfort. The optional M Sport suspension brings firmer responses for the lift-related dampers and springs.

Steering, Wheels, Tires and Brakes

The model-specific electric power steering systems for the new BMW 2 Series Coupe makes them exceptionally precise. Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering is standard on the 230i Coupe. Variable Sport steering is standard on the M240i xDrive Coupe and is part of the optional M Sport Package for the 230i Coupe. Variable Sport steering offers a variable ratio which adjusts according to the steering angle, allowing it to provide both directional stability and agile cornering response. Parking and low speed maneuvering require significantly less steering effort while changing between COMFORT and SPORT modes brings a noticeable difference in steering effort.

New 2022 BMW

Interior Design

Inside the new BMW 2 Series Coupe, sports-car flair meets a premium ambience that represents a clear leap forward from the predecessor model. The latest interpretation of the driver-focused cockpit design is defined by the driver-focused arrangement and operation of the displays and controls. The BMW Controller, gear selector lever, Start/Stop button, Driving Experience Control switch and numerous other function buttons are grouped within a modern-looking control panel in the center console.

Standard equipment includes Sport seats and a Sport leather steering wheel with newly

designed multifunction buttons. The BMW M240i xDrive Coupe includes a standard moonroof which is optional for the 230i Coupe. The new glass moonroof is 20 percent larger than the moonroof found in the previous model. New Perforated SensaTec in three colors is standard. Optional Vernasca leather upholstery is available in a choice of four colors.

The BMW M240i xDrive Coupe and BMW 230i with M Sport Package add an M leather steering wheel, cushioned knee pads on the center console, door sill finishers bearing the M logo, M pedals and an M driver footrest, M floor mats and M-specific displays in the instrument cluster.

Driver Assistance Systems

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe comes standard with driver assistance systems designed to increase safety and drive comfort. Frontal Collision Warning with braking is able to react to moving and stationary vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Lane Departure Warning with lane keep assist, which can be used between 44 – 130 mph, alerts the driver with steering wheel vibrations if they are unintentionally drifting out of their lane and helps them guide the car back onto the correct course with a steering input. The system now analyzes the road conditions more precisely. On extremely narrow roads, the course correction assistance is suppressed so that if a vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction, the driver can easily move onto the side of the road.

Rear cross-traffic alert reduces the danger of a collision when reversing towards roads that are difficult to see into. Now available, Active Blind Spot Detection, alerts the driver to vehicles which are within a critical distance in the adjacent lane or approaching quickly from the rear. The warning takes the form of an illuminating signal in the side mirror. 

The standard Dynamic Cruise Control with braking function maintains the desired speed set by the driver while automatically braking, if necessary, on down hills and down to a comfortable speed in corners. The optional Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go automatically keeps a safe distance from vehicles travelling ahead – with a choice of four proximity settings. This system works between 19 – 99 mph and is capable of braking the vehicle to a standstill and setting off again automatically after short pauses lasting up to 30 seconds. 

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe is equipped with a standard rear-view camera and front and rear Park Distance Control (PDC) sensors. The optional Parking Assistance Package

helps the driver to select and use parking spaces either parallel or perpendicular to the road. It can also be used for pulling out of spaces parallel to the road. As well as steering inputs, the Parking Assistant carries out acceleration, braking and gear changes required for the maneuver. 

The Back-Up Assistant, included in the Parking Assistance Package, offers the highly convenient automated reversing in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as narrow, windy driveways, over a distance of up to 50 yards.  All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedal and monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. 

Additional features in the Parking Assistance Package include Surround View including Top View, Panorama View and 3D View which help to create a 360-degree image of the vehicle and its surroundings, which is shown from various angles in the control display. The Remote 3D View function gives drivers the ability to call up a three-dimensional live image of their vehicle and its immediate vicinity on their smartphone. 

The optional BMW Drive Recorder, available on cars with Parking Assistance Package, uses the driver assistance systems’ cameras to record video images all around the vehicle, so these can be stored and later either played back on the control display when the vehicle is stationary or exported via the USB interface. It allows the driver to record videos up to 40 seconds in length while driving and in the event of a collision, up to 20 seconds of video taken both before and after the impact (i.e. 40 seconds in total) are stored.

New 2022 BMW

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